Proper No. 12 Whiskey

Famed UFC Champion Conor McGregor, and his team searched for a place and people that shared the same passion for Ireland and its whiskey. He found this at the oldest whiskey distillery on the Isle of Ireland and with his master distiller created a unique and special blend.

First responders are the unsung heroes who act with valour and answer the call of duty every day for those in need. Proper No. Twelve is donating $5 for each case sold to local first responder organizations around the world, up to $1MM annually.


Soju - New Flavors

We are expanding our Soju selection to include more flavors and larger sizes.



Roku Suntory Gin

6 Japanese botanicals nurtured in Japan’s beautiful nature

Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, Yuzu peel, Sencha tea (green tea), Gyokuro tea (refined green tea) and Sanshō pepper.
Six Japanese botanicals cultivated over four seasons, the six Japanese botanicals have been carefully selected to create ROKU, Japan's authentic craft gin.
Each botanical has been harvested at the peak of its season to extract the best flavour, and distilled to fully embody the blessings of nature.
The harvest of the four seasons has been blended to create ROKU's balanced flavour.


Doc's Absinthe

Doc's absinthe is the first absinthe produced in Brooklyn.  The process begins by fermenting Spelt and Malted Barley.  10 different botanicals are used, including wormwood and grand wormwood.  The distillate also includes anise, lemon, fennel, lemon peel, licorice root, hyssop, peppermint and mint.  Although some may find old-world absinthes to be overpowering, Doc's is a softer, more approachable spirit with softer anise notes.  We welcome Doc's to the New York distilling scene!

St. Marks Wine and Liquor offers Doc's in 375 ml bottles.