Nikka Japanese Whiskey

Nikka Japanese Whiskey at St. Marks Wine

St. Marks Wine and Liquor's selection of Japanese Whiskey has expanded once again. Two new Nikka Pure Malt Whiskies have arrived:  The 17 and 21 year old varietals. This means we have 5 Nikka Whiskies to offer! Get yours while supplies last.


Brenne Whisky

New in the U.S., Brenne Single Malt Whisky is full of fruit-forward and complex-sugar notes; like rich creme brûlée, burnt caramel, cherries, vanilla, bananas and warm spices like cinnamon and clove.  The result is a whisky that embodies the terroir and style of the region in which it is produced: Cognac, France.  This is not trying to be a Scotch just made in a different country – this is truly a French Whisky.  It is elegant, sophisticated, and perfect in any season.

By respecting tradition and adding a little innovation into their distilling methods, Brenne succeeded in bringing an entirely new experience within the world of Single Malt whisky. 


Limited Edition Kings County Moonshine Gift Set


A special, limited edition box set is now available.

These handsome wood boxes (with an image of the distillery burned onto the top) include 200ml bottles of the Kings County Moonshine, Bourbon, and Chocolate whiskey. We have a small supply so please stop in while supplies last!


Cider Season

An apple cider a day keeps the doctor away!  Apple cider has arrived at St. Marks Wine and Liquor.  Stop in to try some food-friendly cider from "Eve's Cidery" or "Foggy Ridge."  

From Eve's Cider, "Autumn Gold" - A bubbly and off-dry cider that has a distinctive and fruity nose, with tannic overtones, a rich, warm texture and a lingering finish.

From Foggy Ridge, "Serious Cider"- A crisp, light, food-friendly cider with a dry, refreshing finish, caparable to a classice white such as a pinot grigio or gruner veltiner.