Gluten Free Liquor at St. Marks Wine and Liquor In New York City

They are not new to our shop, but more fantastic spirits are designated as gluten free.  We have featured FAIR Quinoa Vodka for some time and it is a St. Marks Wine and Liquor favorite, but those with gluten sensitivities should be aware that it is gluten free, as well as being the finest fair-trade spirit possible.  And there are more and more superb spirits being made that are gluten free.  Check back in again as we add more to our selection.  Here are a few currently on our shelves:


Moonshine in The East Village, New York City

Kings County Moonshine at St. Marks Wine and Liquor.While they are not exactly new arivals, St. Marks Wine and Liquor's moonshine selection is getting quite a lot of attention. From Kings County to Tennessee Ole Smokey, our selection of excellent legal moonshine is creating a lot of chatter in New York City these days.

Stop by and ask our informed staff to tell you about the many moonshines and local spirts that adorn our shelves.


Pine Barrens American Single Malt Whisky is Back

Pine Barrens Whisky at St. Marks WinePine Barrens American Single Malt Whisky is back in stock!

Pine Barrens is the first American Single Malt Whisky to be distilled on Long Island. Instead of creating whisky from a regular mash, Pine Barrens uses an actual finished 10% ABV barley wine English-styled Ale Beer that has a high hop count of 70 IBU's.