St. Marks Wine...Coming October 2012.

COMING October 2012 to St. Mark's Place in New York City.

Located in the heart of the East Village, St. Marks Wine & Liquor will serve our community with specially selected wines and spirits. Whether you are ready to try some select, yet affordable, wine's and spirits, or you are looking for your long time favorites, St. Marks Wine & Liquor will serve you well.

If you don't see your favorites, just ask. Special orders are no problem...and if you want us to carry something that we don't have...let us know! We want to serve the community and that means serving you.

Sample our select libations by coming to our regular free tasting events. We will post the tasting schedule right here.

St. Marks Wine and Liquor will also be offering a wide variety of organic and biodynamic wines as well has spirits that are crafted right here in New York City and the NYC area.

Hope to see you soon!